Sharon Refvem elevating the discussion on the future of design education

Sharon Refvem, FAIA, LEED Fellow collaborates with her Alma Mater, University of Oregon, on the 2019 Reynolds Symposium: Education by Design in Portland, Oregon

Reynolds Symposium

Reynolds Symposium

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The objective of the Reynolds Symposium in October 2019 was to gather significant and innovative pedagogical work from national and international scholars and practitioners to investigate how education and training can be rapidly changed to ensure the creation of zero-carbon built environments, how the transition can be implemented successfully, and what positive examples and models can be drawn upon or adapted for this purpose. In addition to her contributions on the Organizing Committee, Sharon was also a session moderator for Digital Approaches to Design Education.

A key outcome of the Symposium was the “Portland Declaration”, a message undersigned by the diverse attendees of the Symposium to the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) urging them to revise proposed changes to accreditation criteria to strengthen the emphasis on sustainability, climate action, and environmental stewardship. Also noting that “This is Critical to the continuing relevance, influence, and value of architecture as a profession that serves society.

November 4th Ned Cramer posted an important editorial on the ARCHITECT website about the NAAB Accreditation Criteria currently in review; The Future of Architecture Education Is The Future of Civilization, which strongly supporting stronger language relative to action on climate change to prepare future practitioners to make a real difference.