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Henry Mahlstedt

Job Title
AIA, Emeritus Principal
There is as much delight in the design delivery journey as there is in experiencing the created place.
Q and A
Favorite HPS Project
Is the West County Health Center in San Pablo/Richmond due to the resilient and dedicated community who inspired the building design and considered the center as their “healthcare home”!
I Learned the Most
During college while working as a short order cook where I learned the nuances of client relations and the importance of meeting or exceeding expectations.
Good Design Is
Achieving what is most challenging and fulfilling; elegantly simple and authentic solutions.
If Architecture is Music it’s
Architecture like music demands interaction to experience and both art forms share an intimate correspondence so choose your venue and genre wisely.

Henry Mahlstedt is a champion of all things LEAN and efficient: the Toyota Way has nothing on the Mahlstedt Method!  An early adopter of BIM and a commitment to best practices has informed his leadership on many of the firm’s successful medical projects. Hint: to break Henry out of Revit-evangelist mode bring up road cycling. . . .